BC Firehouse

2020 Firehouse Completion
Special Thanks to
Betty McRae and Tim Mattison


In order to maintain Firewise Community status, each property owner should maintain his/her property yearly by thinning the underbrush, limbing up tree branches to 1/3 the height small trees or 5-6 foot height and weed eating the love grass as close to the base as possible.  Remove all ladder fuels such as manzanita , cat claw acacia, and bear grass. Also, please remove all oak sucker growth as well. 

All firewise trimmings can be brought to the Perley pit. To access the pit, please contact  Lorna [email protected].  Lorna serves as the Bonita Creek firewise coordinator.   Each year we ask that you provide Lorna with the number of hours you have worked on your property and your out of pocket costs for hiring service providers who firewise your property.  This information is reported to the National Firewise Organization each September.