Welcome to the Bonita Creek Community Corner

This page will provide you updates on, community projects, service providers, volunteer information and much more.

Service Providers

Back Hoe Work

~ D&A Landscaping 928-978-5199
~ Jesse 602-396-6125
[email protected]
They are also Aroborists
~ Jim Armstrong 928-978-3879

Kyle Disilvestro  

Joeseph Brown  


Hen House

Resident Offerings Have Something You Would Like Posted? Let Us Know

Fresh Eggs at Silva's Place 
$4/Doz Honor System
Located bottom of Big Als Run


"Take a Book Leave a Book"
Located at Mailboxes


Vacation Rentals Have One? Thinking About It?

We would like to ask that if you are a current vacation rental or are having thoughts about creating one within Bonita Creek, to please consider some of the following;

~ Water is at a premium.  Bonita Creek makes it's own water and its limited.  Please let your guests know that this must be taken into consideration when renting. Thank you.

~ Please provide a phone number where you can be contacted should the need arise.

~ Please consider outlining rules and regulations on any public forum that you market too.  Maybe issuing that their security deposit is non-refundable if there are complaints, or a disturbance directly caused by those renters.

~ Please advise them that they are among private property and there is NO access to the creek inside of the community. 

Message Board 2

Message Board Located at the mailboxes

Here you will find information specific to the Bonita Creek Water Company, Firewise related information as well as information regarding our fire station, weather and road conditions. 

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS Current Projects That Need Your Help

If interested in helping, please contact us. Thank you.


Current Projects Volunteers Needed

No current projects in need.  

If you would like to help in the future, please come back to this page and see when new projects are posted.  Thank you.